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Workshops for Professionals

 Jane teaches workshops for professionals with her brother Ted Riskin through NASW, Rutgers and directly to interested groups.

Their Body, Breath, and Spirit in Your Clinical Practice workshop is available through the National Association of Social Workers.

They also teach Level One Integration Concepts Breath therapy to therapists and other professionals. 

Subjects available

  •     Level One Breath Therapy in the Integration           Concepts Modality

  •     Mindfulness processing of emotion

  •     Breath Analysis

  •     Breathwork as a healing tool

  •     Using the breath in clinical practice

  •     Using the body in clinical practice

  •     Symbol reading

  •     The higher levels of consciousness

  •     Spirituality in clinical practice

  •     Addictions and transcendence

  •     Mystical or Psychotic? Spiritual emergence

  •     Body psychotherapy theory

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