Individual Therapy



Depression / anxiety



Transpersonal/ spiritual psychology

Couples and relationships

Trauma and PTSD



Life Work and organization skills

Jane offers private psychotherapy in her home office in Underhill, VT. To make an appointment call (609) 598-2182 or email

She utilizes Cognitive Behavioral Therapy; an organizational system called End of the List Workshop to help you manage all your life responsibilities; Internal Family Systems Therapy to help you manage all the parts of your personality; Nonviolent Communication to help you manage all the people in your life; and the modalities described on this website - BreathworkImago Couples CounselingParenting Counseling, and Dream Interpretation. Jane enjoys working with teens privately as well as in groups.

Jane works with clients at the pace that is comfortable for them. While some clients prefer a paced session and to work on their own with many do-it-yourself homework assignments, some clients prefer a more supportive, relaxed pace.

Fees are $140.00 per session. Sliding scale available. She will submit to insurance for you. She would be an out of network provider, unless you have BCBS or Medicaid. Call the number on the back of your insurance card to find out your copay for out of network providers.


Cognitive Behavioral Therapy


Imago Relationship Therapy

Internal Family Systems

End of the List Organizational System

Play Therapy

Group Therapy

Jane's cell 802 309-5256

Office at Northernshire

12 Maple Leaf Farm Rd

Underhill, VT 05489

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