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ReTribe provides a wide range of programs that help to guide youth and adults through the many transformations of life. Whether it be the small changes of childhood as our day campers learn to build fires, carve wood, and explore their imaginations in the woods, or the profound changes that the teens face on our Rites of Passage retreats as they find themselves, explore deep emotions, and experience the intensity of the Threshold experience - participants will come away from our programs having grown and transformed, bringing them one step closer to the person that they hope to become. 

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Teen Rite of Passages

Throughout history, cultures worldwide have provided their youth with sacred initiation ceremonies marking the transition from childhood into adulthood. This initiation is a rite of passage from one way of being to another. This process of initiation helps youth to become aware of their life’s purpose, and awakens them to the special gifts they have that will enable them to contribute to the overall well-being of the world.


Malidoma Some, an initiated elder of the Dagara tribe of Burkina Faso in West Africa has spoken articulately of the need for healthy rites of passage in the West: “The absence of formal initiation in the West is why young people create their own informal initiations, such as engaging in reckless and dangerous behavior... “ He goes on to say that “Maybe drug addicts and alcoholics are trying to break into a different state of reality, as happens in a true initiation. The problem is their initiations never end” (Some, Leslee, Two Worlds, p 6). 


ReTribe provides safe space for youth to go through this vital transformation that they so desperately need, in a healthy, supervised environment. Additionally, ReTribe provides these opportunities to the many adults who did not have access to these experiences during their youth.

Shift Happens:
A ReTribe for Adults

For a four day transformational retreat 

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