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Parenting Psychology

Jane and her husband were the original owners of the Natural Baby Catalog and pioneers in the natural parenting movement.


She has taught parenting for 20 years through her Workshops in schools, churches, and at Omega Institute.


In college, Jane specialized in child and parenting psychology and she has written a book Kids: An Owner's Manual which is the basis for her parenting workshops.

The Martin children attended the Waldorf School of Princeton for 20 years and Jane approaches child development and psychology very much from an anthroposophical perspective.

I would love to support you in the loving task of creating a healthy home life for your children, so that they are as psychologically healthy as possible. Juggling the demands of modern life can be challenging; life will never be perfect, but I can help you to live purposefully according to your own values.
My method is to work through the parents as much as possible, rather than to do therapy with the child. I do have dolls, etc., for the purpose of hearing the child's needs in symbolic language.
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