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Teen Therapy

Teen Developmental Tasks
  • Develop autonomy, by learning to make considered decisions
  • Develop empathy and consideration for others
  • Relationship skills - learning to communicate their needs in a way that doesn't trigger others
  • Creation and discovery of identity - Who am I?
  • Regulation of and response to emotional waves - anger, anxiety, sadness, embarrassment, etc
  • Time management
  • Creation and control of their own healthy lifeways - sleep, nutrition, homework, organized room, etc. 

Teens have special developmental tasks and psychological issues.

Jane has raised three children through the teen years, studied child psychology, and has been working with teen clients and their families for 2 decades.

Her involvement with Adventure Game Theater programs, Inward Bound Mindfulness Education retreats, and with ReTribe teen rite of passage retreats has allowed her to develop a loving, trusting relationship with many teens, and she is able to help them to attain maturity and responsibility.

Jane speaks on a panel of mental health experts about teens.
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